Prayers To God



Dear Father Mother God


Thank You so much for permitting Me to gaze upon Your universe
I find beauty everywhere I look.
Magnificence is the woven raiment of Your beautiful inner tensions.

Everywhere, life exudes the splendor of Your glory
in the never ending newness of Your Love.

I find solace in contemplating Your way and Your manners.
I satisfy My soul focusing upon Your resplendent source.
You are of all that is,
and ever shall be.

I ask that You fill My mind with thoughts of Your design.

I request You fill My heart with sensibilities and feelings of Your design.

You are the master spirit blueprint architect.
You know the workings of My body, mind and spirit.
Through You... I have My beginning and completion.

Awaken My insight.
Let Me perceive perspectives which reflect Your quality of thinking and feeling

You are the one I turn to when I need answers

and inspiration.

Forever may I enjoy becoming Your company as You become Mine
and may My life be a blessing to You
as an extra special unexpected treat upon Your exquisite countenance.




Dear Heavenly Parents
You Who have had untold existences since before the dawn of time and space...

Take heed of the lone voice of one of Your children

calling out

to thank You.

I am impressed by Your spheres of existence.
They blow Me away...

and then bring Me together again
in the concepts of Your love.

Lead Me by My hand
until which time I can walk on My own,
to marvel at the majesty of this life
in all its daily dramas and circumspect.

Teach Me the meaning of prosperity
and give Me clues to find wealth.

Surround Me with like-minded associates
whom have the same yearnings as I.

Let Me count ways in which You L
ove Me

and have the courage to go forward every day
even though I am steeped in superstition
and drowsy with uncertainty.

Show Me where Your light shines
and cast shadows only in their true places.




Dear God
Thank You for the friends I have.

(Though, I worry about Them.)

I feel They don't know You as deeply as I do.

They don't realize the wonderful gift of immortality
You have so richly endowed Us with
through Your Mystery Monitors.

They have yet to free Their minds from fear and superstition.

Organized/crystallized religion has bamboozled Them
into believing that You would require the bloodshed of Your Son
and Trinity Partner as ransom for Their souls.

I ask that You continue to pour out the Spirit of Truth
upon all flesh as well as Their minds so that They can see
Your Love more clearly
and enjoy Your presence more deeply as I have.

Oh! and, please keep My mind free from bigotry, shallowness and fear.
Guide Me in the ways of Your thinking, feeling and being.



Jan 30, 2004

Dear Divine Parents
My emotions explode onto center stage
when I focus attention upon You.

I can only zero in
on where My heart tells Me to of course;
to where You are.

And, since You created my heart,
like the bell maker,
created the vibrational recognition of that sound
anchoring Me to
where that sound and feeling comes from.


You embossed Your signature upon every cell of My body and soul.

The Spirit of Truth,
which You poured out upon all flesh
nearly 2000 years ago
fills Us with the nourishment of living water.
May I drink from this river daily
and show Others how to do so as well.

I say this with tears rolling down my face,
please let Me be a vessel
to bring to Those around Me
the savoring message of Your good news.

Let Everyone finally hear the truth of the good news
Joshua Ben Joseph spread 2000 years ago.

That You are the One and Only God who Is as a Father/Mother to each of Us.

"That We are all, each of Us brothers and sisters
of the one and only Family there Is."

Your Family.

Thank you for Your guiding hands in Our mental environment.
Help Us to learn how to believe in Your ways
and show Us what truly matters.





February 21, 2004

Dearest Friend...

In the absence of communication
imagination is prone to fill the void in Our mind with all sorts of things.

... because the Universe abhors a vacuum.

It will rush to fill in the gap!

Its in Our nature.

When I seem apart from You
I choose to make sure
My imagination fills
with thoughts worthy of both of Us.

I choose to imagine
that although things are rough,
at any given time,
that We inherently find within Us the talents, skills and fortitude
to handle whatever may come up.

I pray that You My friend, find light and hope each day upon waking
as well as solace when You lay Your head down to sleep.

I compel the Universe to assemble
an array of wonderful, beautiful friends
for You to associate with.

I assign My angels to speak with Your angels
to whisper sweet nothings and chocolate everything's

terms of endearment and encouragement
and promises of positive harvests for You
as You happily go about each day.

I asked God if it were ok that I hold You, My friend in mind
and speak out loud My prayer to You.

This blessed Trinity then shouted out wholeheartedly
that We should
and that We would gain a great deal
by sharing Our dreams and desires of goodwill toward Our friends.

Dear God, please help Everyone to stop eating from
the Biblical Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Haven't We had enough and seen enough to know by now
that if We continue eating from the same tree and doing the same things
that We will continue to get what We are now getting.

Genesis 2:16 "...You are free to eat from any
of the trees of the garden 17* except the tree of
the knowledge of good and bad.

From that tree You shall not eat;
the moment You eat from it You are surely doomed to die."

It's a confirmation of insanity
to think We can continue doing the same things
and get different results... isn't it?

Give Us a tour of all the other trees in Your garden
with tastier fruits to eat from.

I pray that each of Us finally hear the Gospel "of" Jesus.
Not the gospel"about" Jesus.
The wonderful news that We are,
each of Us,
children of the one and only God there is
and that this God knows each of Us personally
and in fact resides within Us
is truly amazing and incredible.

And, that because of this reality,
We are all Brothers and Sisters
of the same heavenly Family with the same Divine Parents.

Because I believe in this Gospel
I yearn that You also have the newfound certainty
of Your newfound Family
of an eternal life ahead leading You
to happier and more prosperous days
with Your Family.

May You always go and arrive in peace and goodwill.



The following prayers have come to us via the Urantia Book Pg 1622,
from various locations throughout our local Universe of Nebadon.


Our Father in whom consist the universe realms,
Uplifted be Your name and all-glorious Your character.
Your presence encompasses Us, and Your glory is manifested
Imperfectly through Us as it is in perfection shown on high.
Give Us this day the vivifying forces of light,
And let Us not stray into the evil bypaths of Our imagination,
For Yours is the glorious indwelling, the everlasting power,
And to Us, the eternal gift of the infinite love of Your Son.
Even so, and everlastingly true.

Our creative Parent, who is in the center of the universe,
Bestow upon Us Your nature and give to Us Your character.
Make Us Sons and Daughters of Yours by grace
And glorify Your name through Our eternal achievement.
Your adjusting and controlling spirit give to live and dwell within
That We may do Your will on this sphere as Angels do Your bidding in light.
Sustain Us this day in Our progress along the path of truth.
Deliver Us from inertia, evil, and all sinful transgression.
Be patient with Us as We show loving-kindness to Our fellows.
Shed abroad the spirit of Your mercy in Our creature hearts.
Lead Us by Your own hand, step by step, through the uncertain maze of life,
And when Our end shall come, receive into Your own bosom Our faithful spirits.
Even so, not Our desires but Your will be done.

Our perfect and righteous heavenly Father,
This day guide and direct Our journey.
Sanctify Our steps and co-ordinate Our thoughts.
Ever lead Us in the ways of eternal progress.
Fill Us with wisdom to the fullness of power
And vitalize Us with Your infinite energy.
Inspire Us with the divine consciousness of
The presence and guidance of the seraphic hosts.
Guide Us ever upward in the pathway of light;
Justify Us fully in the day of the great judgment.
Make Us like Yourself in eternal glory
And receive Us into Your endless service on high.

Our Father Who is in the mystery,
Reveal to Us Your holy character.
Give Your children on earth this day
To see the way, the light, and the truth.
Show Us the pathway of eternal progress
And give Us the will to walk therein.
Establish within Us your divine kingship
And thereby bestow upon Us the full mastery of self.
Let U
s not stray into paths of darkness and death;
Lead Us everlastingly beside the waters of life.
Hear these Our prayers for Your own sake;
Be pleased to make Us more and more like Yourself.
At the end, for the sake of the divine Son,
Receive Us into the eternal arms.
Even so, it is Our will that Your will be done.

Glorious Father and Mother, in one Parent combined,
Loyal would We be to Your divine nature.
Your own self to live again in and through Us
By the gift and bestowal of Your divine spirit,
Thus reproducing You imperfectly in this sphere
As You are perfectly and majestically shown on high.
Give Us day by day Your sweet ministry of Brotherhood
And lead Us moment by moment in the pathway of loving service.
Be You ever and unfailingly patient with Us
Even as We show forth Your patience to Our children.
Give Us the divine wisdom that does all things well
And the infinite Love that is gracious to every creature.
Bestow upon Us Your patient and loving kindness
That Our charity may enfold the weak of the realm.
And when Our career is finished, make it an honor to Your name,
A pleasure to Your good spirit, and a satisfaction to Our soul helpers.
Not as We wish, Our loving Father,
but as You desire the eternal good of Your mortal children,
Even so may it be.

Our all-faithful Source and all-powerful Center,
Reverent and holy be the Name of Your all-gracious Son.
Your bounties and Your blessings have descended upon Us,
Thus empowering Us to perform Your will and execute Your bidding.
Give Us moment by moment the sustenance of the Tree of Life;
Refresh Us day by day with the living waters of the river thereof.
Step by step lead Us out of darkness and into the divine light.
Renew Our minds by the transformations of the indwelling spirit,
And when the mortal end shall finally come upon Us,
Receive Us to yourself and send Us forth in eternity.
Crown Us with celestial diadems of fruitful service,
And We shall glorify the Father, the Son, and the Holy Influence.
Even so, throughout a universe without end.

Our Father Who dwells in the secret places of the universe,
Honored be Your name, reverenced Your mercy, and respected Your judgment.
Let the sun of righteousness shine upon Us at noontime,
While We beseech You to guide Our wayward steps in the twilight.
Lead Us by the hand in the ways of Your own choosing
And forsake Us not when the path is hard and the hours are dark.
Forget Us not as We so often neglect and forget You.
But be You merciful and Love Us as We desire to Love You.
Look down upon Us in kindness and forgive Us in mercy
As We in justice forgive Those Who distress and injure Us.
May the Love, devotion, and bestowal of the majestic Son
Make available life everlasting with Your endless mercy and Love.
May the God of universes bestow upon Us the full measure of His spirit;
Give Us grace to yield to the leading of this spirit.
By the loving ministry of devoted seraphic hosts
May the Son guide and lead Us to the end of the age.
Make Us ever and increasingly like Yourself
And at Our end receive Us into the eternal Paradise embrace.
Even so, in the Name of the bestowal Son
And for the honor and glory of the Supreme Father.


Unless otherwise stated these prayers are from the URANTIA Book page 1622