How To Communicate With God

Go within yourself and speak to the "I Am."

"I Am" is the name of God... learn this.

Communicate with your Divine Self through contemplation of gratitude and appreciation.

Praying is simple enough to do. Most people don't know how though.

Most recite non-stop mindless repetitions of words containing no emotion or personal efforts.

Jesus was said to have gone off alone into the hills to commune with His Father.

Whether you believe in the divinity of Jesus or not is not important at this time. Please understand this.

What we speak of now is about the action of praying.

The main issue with praying is to make contact with the source of all that is.

Jesus saw His Father as the Source of All that Is!

When you direct your attention to the personality source of God the Father for instance,
you are at that time in prayer connection mode with a focus on God the Father.

When you actually have a conversation with that personality you are then praying.

The moment you turn to someone else and tell them about your experience of praying and how to do it
then it becomes philosophy.

If you pray daily then you are said to pray religiously.

The analyzed format of your prayers is called religion.

Worship is the act or process of placing some thought/object you admire on the pedestal of your attention
in order to venerate and hold it in high esteem.

There is also the act of placing the object of worship upon an altar
where sacrifitic rituals entertain curious minds drawn to such altars.

Worship is the obsessing over the desire to become like the source of that obsession.

It is also refered to as hero worship and idolization.

True worship does not confer special powers
to those who practice rites of devotion through payment of homage.

Since you eventually become that which you worship it is pretty important and evident
that you should make sure that whatever it is that you are desiring to emmulate is worthy of your emulations.

The only point of focus worthy of your worship is... truly... the personality of God .
When you aspire to be like God the Father/Mother of All
then you open your mind and heart to the manifestation/creating mode of existence
where you learn to imitate the ability of creating.

The Creator is the only thing in existence worthy of capturing your attention
and nurturing it into the fully actualized human being you started out to be in the first place.

The practical test of all strange religious experiences of mysticism, ecstasy, and inspiration
is to observe whether these phenomena cause an individual:

1. To enjoy better and more complete physical health.

2. To function more efficiently and practically in his or her mental life.

3. More fully and joyfully to socialize his or her religious experience.

4. More completely to spiritualize his or her day-by-day living
while faithfully discharging the commonplace duties of routine mortal existence.

5. To enhance his or her love for, and appreciation of, truth, beauty, and goodness.

6. To conserve currently recognized social, moral, ethical, and spiritual values.

7. To increase his or her spiritual insight--God-consciousness.

So there you have it.

Prayer is the actual communing with the Source that is God
and Worship is holding God on the altar of your attention
and then dwelling upon the admirable traits of God
that we eventually become.